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Thick Toilet Cleaner

Shining, Sparkling and Clean Toilets Guaranteed with our Toilet Cleaners

Let your customers experience the power of our high-quality toilet cleaners to give a refreshing and hygienic look to their bathroom.

Tasha Industries is a trusted name when it comes to toilet soap manufacturers and toilet cleaner suppliers. As a thick toilet cleaner manufacturer, our main focus is on toilet hygiene. We manufacture a range of toilet cleaners and toilet soaps that help remove the dirt and residue from the surfaces while being gentle to them. As a toilet soap manufacturer, our product effectively cleans the toilet bowl and kills 99 percent of the bacteria present. Our toilet cleaners are free of chlorine, bleach and other hazardous chemicals.

Advantages of using toilet cleaners from Tasha, a reputed toilet soap manufacturer

As a reputed thick toilet cleaner manufacture, our toilet cleaners offer the following advantages:

  • Premium and consistent cleaning of washroom and toilet bowls
  • Low preparation time
  • Thick formulation with high dilution ratio
  • Helps maintain a hygienic environment in the bathroom
  • Safe for skin and ceramics
  • No release of toxic fumes
  • Refreshing fragrance

What Makes Us Different From Other Toilet Soap Manufacturers ?

Here are some of the reasons that sets us apart from other toilet soap manufacturers.

  • Products free from harsh chemicals
  • Cleaners contain powerful natural disinfectants present
  • Antibacterial toilet cleaners manufactured
  • Strong plant-based formula used
  • Scientifically proven eco-friendly toilet cleaners
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging
  • Cruelty-free cleaners
  • Strict quality control

Are you in the business of helping customers flush away those dirty stains from their toilet bowl? 

Do you want to supply a powerful toilet cleaner that kills the bacteria and removes the fecal stains?

As a reliable toilet cleaner exporter, our eco-friendly thick toilet cleaner gives the washroom the cleanliness, fragrance, hygiene, and freshness it deserves.

Want to know more about the toilet cleaners and soaps we offer as one of the top toilet cleaner suppliers in Ahmedabad?

Speak to us today on 9427027337 to understand more about our products, pricing, and shipping.

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